Medical Disclaimer

The following content, including but not limited to project descriptions, preliminary test results, figures/images, and prototypes, published here is meant to maximize potential public benefit during this SARS-CoV-2 (formerly CoVID-19) crisis, specifically in addressing the urgent need around PPE shortage. The content is currently being submitted to SAHPRA for review and approval.

PLEASE NOTE: The content has not been peer reviewed. The Authors make no representations or warranties of any kind (express or implied) relating to accuracy, safety, usefulness, usability, marketability, performance, or otherwise of the content released here. The Authors disclaim all express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness of the content for a particular purpose, and disclaims all express and implied warranties regarding non-infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, or other rights of third parties in the content or use of the content, or in the making, using, or selling products or services by any person or entity.

People or entities attempting to use the content in any way, including creating products or offering services, assume all risk and responsibility related to those uses, including all legal and regulatory compliance, safety, efficacy, performance, design, marketability, title, and quality. The Authors assume no liability related to the actions of third parties and in respect of any infringement of any patent, copyright, or other right of third parties.

The content/device has been used in formal testing with human subjects at this time.

This is not an approved medical device. This is a certified snorkel mask which we are looking into repurposing as a respiratory medical device.

We cannot make a claim of antimicrobal or antiviral protection e.g. infection prevention or reduction untill validation has been completed.
We decided to share our ideas and design ahead of necessary certification for medicall staff without acces to certified personal protective equipment (PPE). 
Updates on test results will be published on our site.
The design team have done their utmost to ensure a tight fit between the scuba mask and the Viral filter. The current design has been 3D-printed (mostly on HP printers) and tested successfully multiple times. 
Since 3D printers can have small deviations in print accuracy, the fit may be imperfect in individual cases. Therefore, every printed part should be checked for individual fit before use. 
If the printed part has a loose fit or any other defect, it should not be used. 
Users should make sure they mount it with the tightest possible fit. 
Check for updates
Check the website regularly for updates :
Other instructions related to fitment, cleaning etc, can be found on:
Updates and new designs will be uploaded here as soon as they are ready and have been tested.